Secrets to a Small Bathroom Remodel

Out house in rural area

If you’re living in a home pre-1980, chances are you’re probably dealing with a lack of space in at least one of your bathrooms, if not the only bathroom. The question to you is this; “How do you handle this when family and friends come to visit?” Do you:

• Tell an elaborate story of why they have to use the gas station down at the corner.
• Put crime tape at the doorway.
• Escort guests to the backyard out house.
• Just close the door and keep it closed.

What I am about to tell you is really no secret, but can be achieved with creative design ideas that will add space and beauty to your small bathroom remodel.

Use A Little Mirror Magic on Your Small Bathroom

Bathroom vanity mirror with lights.

Adding mirrors is a great way to open up a small bathroom. A wall length mirror on a long wall, will change the proportion, widen the room and reflect the hidden assets of the room. Two mirrors opposite each other will create a “never-ending” room.

Reclaim Your Vanity Space

Bathtub with pedestal sink.

Pedestal sinks are perfect when remodeling a small bathroom. Not only do they open up the space where there was once a bulky vanity, but will set the stage for solving storage problems. Examples include recessed shelving between the studs, open shelving, or beautifully designed baskets. Floating vanity tops are another option, as well as a free standing vanity.

Abandon Your Shower Cave

Close up image of frameless shower enclosure glass door.

Another secret to a small bathroom remodel is to maintain an open view. Trade in a traditional shower curtain for clear glass – preferably frameless – shower doors. This alone will stretch the visual length of a small bathroom. If there is a window in the bathroom, the glass shower enclosure will let in more light into the shower space.

Add a Color Splash

Color is very important to a small bathroom remodel. Pale, cool colors reflect light. Vertical stripes will give the illusion of height. Keep the look from being bland. Use bold colors with accessories, art and linens.

With proper planning and fore-thought, you’ll be amazed on what you can do with a small bathroom remodel. If you’re not the creative type – no worries. Rebath of Houston’s design consultants are available to provide in-home design consultations that can incorporate all the design ideas presented here- and more. No bathroom is too small. We take pride in helping you make a big splash in your  small bathroom with chic fixtures and glamorous finishes.

So, let’s get back to our question. “What to do when your family and friends come to visit?” Now you can proudly open the door and let them in.

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4 Responses to Secrets to a Small Bathroom Remodel

  1. Randy says:

    Maintaining an open view and adding a splash or two points you made that I totally agree with

  2. Great post! I can tell from first hand experience that the mirror trick really works – it looks as though the bathroom is twice its size :))))

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