Remember that bathroom at the holiday party you went to last year? You know, the one everyone ooo’hed and ahhh’d over. Actually, it was the main topic of conversation. How many times did you ask, or were asked “Did you see that bathroom?” You mentally transformed that bathroom into yours. You even vowed that by the next holiday season you would have your bathroom remodeled and the party would be at your house. I believe it may even have been your New Year’s resolution!

Remodel That Ugly Bathroom!!!

Well here it is, another holiday season. All you can say is “Where did the year go? Did I say the party is at my house this year?” UGH!! Take a deep breath, there’s still plenty of time to dress up that turkey. Excuse me, I meant bathroom.

Let’s discuss the obvious. New towels, new shower curtain, rugs that match, fresh paint, a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, clear the clutter, open the windows, add fresh flowers, maybe even update the lighting. Now, if you have already done all of this and it’s still not up to standards, it’s time to take it a step further.

Keep in mind, your guests will encounter this room throughout every event you host. If you are having out of town guests, then they will be spending a considerable amount of time in this room. Try considering the functionality of your bathroom first. Is it a half-bath (a small bathroom that only includes a commode and a vanity or pedestal sink) or a full guest bathroom (includes a commode and vanity, plus a shower/bathtub, or both)? Next, consider what kind of company you will be having. Will you be hosting lots of parties or hosting lots of overnight guests? Maybe both?

For half-baths, you want make sure the sink and vanity area are in good working order. Perhaps the sink has yellowed and cracked over time, the faucets are leaky, and the cabinets chipped. This area is going to get lots of use, so you want to be sure it can hold up throughout the season. For full bathrooms, not only do you have the same considerations for the vanity area, you will need to consider the entire bathroom. Has the grout around your tile gotten moldy and impossible to clean? Do the shower doors need to be updated? Will you have elderly guests who would prefer a full shower stall for easier bathing? Do you have enough bathroom storage for the extra towels your guests will need? Maybe it’s simply outdated. The 1980’s were over 30yrs. ago. It’s time to let go of that flowered wallpaper and gold metal-framed shower doors.

These items are important to consider because they help determine if the bathroom needs to be expanded for extra space, items replaced for better functionality, or just needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Of course, your bathroom may not require a full remodel, you just want to be sure your bathroom is well prepared for incoming guests. Besides, since this is the one room everybody will see, why not use it as an opportunity to show-off a little!


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