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When considering your bathroom remodel it is important to think about what type of bathtub you want. ReBath bathtubs are available in many different sizes, colors, and styles. We have a huge assortment of tubs including jetted, Airbath, soaker, and walk-in tubs. We also carry Safety Tubs, deep soaking bathtubs, spa tubs, and corner Jacuzzi tubs. Our ReBath bathtubs are made from lustrous, impact-resistant Durabath SSP – a solid surface acrylic. We also feature designer colors to match any bathroom decor.

We use only bathtubs that are made of solid acrylic. ReBath tubs offer numerous advantages over cast iron, pressed steel, cultured marble, and fiberglass bathtubs. Most people are more familiar with cast iron or steel tubs.

Cast Iron

Cast iron tubs have been around for quite some time yet they come with some problems. Cast iron tubs are coated with porcelain and we have come across many cast iron bathtubs that have become chipped. Once a the porcelain finish is chipped, rust will begin to form and this rusting process is not reversible. We have seen many people try to fix a chipped bathtub by refinishing the tub or painting the tub. This is a short term solution because the painted tub finish will eventually peel away exposing the original tub finish. There is absolutely no way to replicate the tub porcelain application process outside of the factory. We have also noticed many cast iron tubs start rusting around the drain area or the overflow area.


Another very common type of tub are steel bathtubs. They can be found at most hardware stores in the plumbing isle and have become quite popular due their affordability. Again rust is a very common problem with these bathtubs. Ever seen a rust stain coming from the overflow of a steel tubs? We certainly have. Both steel and cast iron tubs are cold to the touch and have an porcelain finish that can chip.

Cultured Marble

Another common type of bathtub is made of cultured marble. Cultured Marble is a solid surface material made of ground up stone dust mixed with resins. Cultured Marble has a major draw back in the fact that it typically yellows over time and is susceptible to discoloration or staining.


Lastly we are left with fiberglass tubs. These are quite popular due to their affordability and selection. Fiberglass also has an issues with staining and they also flex when stepped on. Most fiberglass bathtubs come with a gel coat to help with the staining problem but once the gel coat wears off staining can occur.

We've mentioned the problems associated with different types of bathtubs. For all these reasons here at ReBath we use acrylic tubs because of the advantageous properties associated with acrylic. Acrylic is non-porous meaning it doesn't stain. There is not a get coat so the material is uniform throughout. Acrylic is also an insulator meaning is will hold keep water warmer much longer than steel or fiberglass. Acrylic is also warm to the touch and available in a ton of different shapes and sizes. ReBath’s bathtubs feature a durable high-gloss finish are guaranteed not to dent, rust, peel, or crack for LIFE! The DuraBath SSP™ surface is and easier to clean than than cast iron, steel, or fiberglass, or cultured marble tubs. At ReBath of Houston our bathtubs are an innovative combination of durability and beauty requiring minimum maintenance.

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